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We believe in providing our clients with pragmatic solutions that will work within the business constraints of time, budget, and culture. We, along with our client, make decisions whether to build or buy existing solutions, which may exist outside of our firm. Our focus is to provide the right solution, which will have long-lasting impact on the business.

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Are you looking for the right candidate, in the right job, at the right time? We are the recruitment solution for your company. We source candidates of all levels, professions, full time, part-time or casuals. Let us handle the hiring process whilst you are busy with other company activities.


Assisting organizations to better understand the cause and effect of HR, management and supervisory actions that impact turnover, and designing and implementing solutions to reduce these occurrences.

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Helping organizations identify the underlying attitudes, beliefs and values that create the organizational culture, and how these relate to behaviors which inhibit or facilitate the achievement of organizational objectives.

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You might be an expert in your field, but you’re probably not an expert in human resources. So when it comes to managing HR, you’re either spending too much time or not enough time on it. Ignoring the need for effective HR management is a recipe for disaster. Deficiencies in any HR function, such as payroll, workplace safety, or performance management, could result in: Non-Compliance Fines Miscommunication Between Departments Slow Productivity Growth


Your employees are your greatest asset but managing them is also one of your biggest challenges. From new hire paperwork to performance reviews. Invite us to help on this important activity which will boost employee and company performance.


We believe that every person has their greatness. And our speciality is working with professionals, leaders, teams, organisations ,students and entrepreneurs to bring them expert, creative and empowering guidance in achieving their unique goals.

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Do you need a professionally written CV to get the job you want? Then WE ARE Your CV Consultant! Still supporting clients online 24/7 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We add our recruitment knowledge to your experience and skills....

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We offer to our clients practical, sensible HR solutions that help them achieve their business objectives in ways that are consistent with their culture. We not only provide recommendations and solutions but help our clients implement to gain maximum value.

Our clients appreciate our experience in providing straight-forward advice in a collaborative relationship.

We can act on your behalf as your Human Resources representative, or we can provide support and expertise to complement existing HR staff. We take the time to develop a strong working relationship with you by understanding your needs, your business and your corporate culture. With that understanding, we recommend solutions in line with your business needs and then work with you to implement them.

Special consideration is given to individuals who seek career and labour advice, job searching and many more.

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  • P O Box 46644, Gaborone

Organisational Design & Change Agent

Gaborone, Botswana - 1/9/22
Job Summary

The suitable incumbent will be expected to support and enable effective Change Management and Organisational Development in a high performing and agile work environment. This role designs, plans and executes a variety of programs to support organisational transformation and assists managers with implementing these changes using Change Management and Organizational Development best practices.

Duties and Responsibilities

Develops and implement the organizational development and change management
strategy and initiatives aligned to the broader Organizational strategy, Human Resources Strategy and relevant initiatives.

Supports and implements interventions to enable the adoption and embedment of the company Culture and Values.
Supports and implements interventions for the adoption and embedment of a Hybrid Way of Work in line with the company culture initiative.

Designs and/or implements Employee Engagement and other employee related surveys to gather insights and measure employee engagement, readiness and effectiveness for various interventions and projects.

Leads and drives implementation of Organizational and Divisional action plans coming out of the Employee Engagement and other surveys, collation of data.
Conducts research on current and future wellbeing trends, including internal and external trends.

Provides data and analytical support through research, data mining, distillation and communication of findings relevant to the Human Resources, Change Management and Organizational Development strategies and plans.

Researches, identifies, and provides best practices relevant to the organizational development processes e.g. Culture enablement, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, leadership enablement, employee wellbeing, productivity assessments and measurement, work design etc.

Develops and implements stakeholder engagement and communication plans to support the Change Management and Organizational Development plans for various initiatives and projects.

Conducts Change Impact and Readiness Assessments for the various projects and initiatives.

Engages with clients to understand their business strategies and design interventions on to enable high performance teams.

Engages, advises, and coaches management and leaders to obtain buy in and to also support them on the various Change Management and Organisational Development processes.

Designs and implement leadership enablement initiatives in line with the Human Resources, Organizational Development strategy and Learning and Development strategy and tracking implementation progress.

Identifies and manages technology platforms related to organizational development initiatives.

Partners with the Learning and Development team to design and develop learning and development programs to enable Change Management initiatives and projects.

Sources relevant service providers to support the Change Management and Organizational Development strategy and plans.

Plans, coordinates and implements various employee events in line with the Change Management and organizational Development strategy and plans.

Continuously assess effectiveness and success in all initiatives and projects and implement solutions to close gaps.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Organisational Psychology/ Organizational Development, Human Resources or similar required.
  • Change Management certification or a similar qualification
  • Atleast three  years’ experience as a Change Management and Organisational Development practitioner
  • MS Office – PPT, Excel, Word (Intermediate)
  • Solution Driven
  • Project Management skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Planning and organizing
  • Ability to handle stress/pressure
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Problem analysis and problem solving
  • Adaptable and resilient
  • Team Player

Reward and Job Evaluation Consultant

Gaborone, Botswana - 2/9/22
We are currently looking for an experienced Reward & Job Evaluation professional to join our team.

The main purpose of this role is to create and maintain a high-performing organisation culture by delivering programmes that reward and recognise key employee capabilities, skills, behaviours, experience and performance, ensuring reward systems are market-relevant, equitable and cost-effective; and ensuring job level consistency and internal equity across jobs with our client.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Delivers healthy organisational structures and reward systems that are market-relevant, equitable and cost-effective. As consultants to the businesses, functions and countries we collaborate closely with multiple clients across several business units, sites or geographies.
  • Promotes effective and efficient organizations which are satisfying and motivating for employees through the application of sound job evaluation and organizational design principles using the Hay methodology as a foundation. 
  • Partners with the business and HR on implications of structural choices on job grades when designing organisations and provide alternative solutions when needed.
  • Monitors and reinforces (and intervene, if required) good corporate governance in job group management across Shell to provide assurance on the standards of application, and challenge current processes, tools and methodology with a continuous improvement mindset to further our Job Evaluation Journey.
  • Prepares  periodic analysis based on organisation data
  • Co-develops relevant and fit for purpose tools and frameworks to facilitate the application of sound job evaluation principles.
  • Support Line Managers and HR in their management of JGs by providing and presenting appropriate educational materials e.g. learning programmes and Calibration Tool/training.
  • Using comparative data and information from other similar and like-minded organisations, the consultants should review current jobs to ensure alignment with the objectives and key deliverables of the Fund for the next 3 years (2023 – 2025).
  • Identifies  gaps in current staff skills and capacity to meet the demands of the work.
  • Gives recommendations on skills/capacity development needs for the current job holders.
  • Systematically review the current grade system and align both current jobs and new jobs accordingly.
Criterias for selection:

· Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial /Organisational Psychology/ Organizational
Development, Human Resources or similar required.
·Proven work experience in job evaluation and reward management
· Significant organizational development expertise.
· Technical knowledge of job evaluation process and
· Expert in implementing HR projects in international and regional
· Demonstrated experience in developing institutional policies and operational guidelines.
· Skills in working with virtual operating organisations an added advantage.
· Ability to familiarize with companies organizational culture and work ethics.
· Excellent Communication skills

Recruitment Specialist

Gaborone, Botswana - 3/9/22
We are looking for a Recruitment Specialist to undertake all hiring activities, from advertising open roles to interviewing candidates and closing hires. The role includes connecting with potential candidates online and offline, screening applications and supporting hiring managers. If you have experience evaluating candidates for roles of various fields and seniority levels, we’d like to meet you.


Builds and report on quarterly and annual hiring plans

Creates and publishes job ads in various portals

Networks with potential hires through professional groups on social media and during events

Collaborates with hiring managers to set qualification criteria for future employees

Screens resumes and job applications

Conduct initial phone screens to create shortlists of qualified candidates
Interviews candidates in-person for a wide range of roles (junior, senior and executive).

Track hiring metrics including time-to-hire, time-to-fill and source of hire
Designs, distributes and measures the results of candidate experience surveys

Trains and advises hiring managers on interviewing techniques and assessment methods

Hosts and participates in job fairs

Follow ups with candidates throughout the hiring process

Maintains a database of potential candidates for future job openings
Requirements and skills:
  • Proven experience as a Recruitment Specialist, Recruiter or similar role
  • Hands-on experience with the largest job sites
  • Knowledge of sourcing techniques on career websites, social media and niche professional websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Github and Stack Overflow
  • Familiarity with applicant tracking systems
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • BSc in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology, Business Administration or relevant field

Training Officer

Gaborone, Botswana - 5/9/22
Job Summary

Monitors and facilitates knowledge acquisition and reporting on the effectiveness of programmes and interventions in accomplishing the skills developmental goals/ objectives of the company.

Key Performance Areas

  • Collaborates with management to gain knowledge of work situation requiring training for employees
  • Monitors and support PDP planning sessions for organisation
  • Monitors training results and statistics
  • Continuously recommend new training approaches, techniques and programmes
  • Build well established business partnerships with the various business units
  • Co-ordinate business projects within a standardized training framework
  • Conduct international benchmarking research to keep abreast of developments
  • Plans, develops, and provides training and staff development programs
  • Analyses training needs to develop new training programs or modify and improve existing programs
  • Formulates teaching outline and determines instructional methods
  • Develops relevant, value-adding training material
  •  Develops training curriculum for new and existing sheriffs.
  • Analyses feedback and amend training programme as required.
  •  Designs training manuals for internal documented procedures.
  • Develops teaching aids, such as training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aids, computer tutorials, and reference work
  • Facilitates relevant training interventions
  • Accurately assess skills, abilities and knowledge to determine competence levels
  •  Moderates training interventions and assessments for formal programmes
Required Minimum Qualification/ Experience/ Skills

  • Relevant degree in  educational and skills development as well as HR qualification
  •  Atleast three years experience as a trainer/facilitator 
  • Registered assessor and moderator
  • Registered Skills Development Facilitator
  • Good knowledge of BQA, HRDC structures
  • Development and Design of outcomes based training material
  • Knowledge of a Learner Management System
  • Experience and knowledge of E-learning
  • Experience and knowledge of VIP – HR Premier
  • Budgeting and proposal writing
  •  Strong communication skills
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