One of mINDSHIFT HR Consultancy's core competencies is conducting an organizational assessment that measures the constructs of organizational climate, culture, and specific employee attitudes that relate to organizational health and effectiveness. Our assessments can be used to better understand what needs to change to improve your organization, and how much effect improvement interventions are having on the organization.

Some of our organizational assessments go well beyond measuring employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Oftentimes they are related to how organizations function overall. We conduct a holistic assessment of the organization, focusing on the organization’s stakeholders—its leadership, individual contributors, and customers (internal and/or external).

All of this information is used to identify the current state of affairs within your target organization. This forms the baseline for change and helps your leadership understand what needs to change and how difficult or easy it will be to make those changes.

Our organizational assessments use these methodologies:

  • Surveys 
  • Interviews 
  • Focus groups 
  • Direct observations of the organization in action 

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